Travel the world without leaving NZ

Travel the world without leaving NZ

The summer of 2020 shall always be remembered as the summer of epic road trips.  As kiwis explore their own backyards and crave for something new, all of us still long to see the world. So here are five icons that will allow travellers to experience amazing landmarks right here in Aotearoa. 

See the New Zealand’s Grand Canyon: Mount Tarawera

Stuff reporter Brook Sabin explored the peak of the Bay of Plenty and compared it to the world-famous Grand Canyon with just one small difference: no crowds. The best way to appreciate this incredible landmark is to fly over it  taking in all its 17 kilometres rift.  Volcanic Air offers daily flights to the summit, find out more here.

Helicopter Scenic Flights Mount Tarawera - Volcanic Air
Mount Tarawera

See Yellowstone National Park at Orakei Korako

With our borders closed, most of us are left feeling like we need a change of scenery. One of the most visited natural landmarks is Yellowstone National Park. Taupo offers an eerily similar landmark Orakei Korako. The Hidden Valley is one of New Zealand’s forgotten icons and hidden gems. Flying above it and landing on the Waikato river is an experience that Indiana Jones would relish; plus, no giant boulder to run from. To explore the hidden valley, click here.

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Orakei Korako Geothermal Hidden Valley

See Iceland’s blue lagoon at the lake Rotoiti Hot springs

Bathing in Iceland’s Blue Lagoon must be the experience of a lifetime. Much like Iceland’s bathing pools, Lake Rotoiti’s hot springs run warm and soothing. Bathers can enjoy the uncrowded hot pools and dip into the refreshing waters of Lake Rotoiti to cool off. In Scandinavian culture, thermotherapy is well documented and consists of a cycle of heat, followed by a cold plunge and finishing off with relaxation. Many Nordic cultures believe that doing this cycle a few times will enable partakers to reach an increased state of well-being. Immerse yourself today, click here.

IMG 2803
Lake Rotoiti Hotpools

See Turkey’s Pamukkale Terraces at Waimangu Volcanic Valley. 

Once the site of the eight wonder of the world the Pink and White Terraces, Waimangu is a sight to be seen, from above. Much like Turkey’s Pamukkale Terraces, Waimangu has a new wonder in the marking: Warbrick Terrace. A multi-coloured silica terrace featuring hues of white and orange deposits marbling, deposits from a nearby hot spring. Visiting Waimangu is akin to stepping onto the set of Jurassic Park. You can start exploring today, click here. 

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Waimangu Thermal Valley

Hobbiton, a world of make believe

Hobbiton needs no comparison, there is only one, one to rule them all. No place in the world can transport you to J.R. Tolkien’s fictitious world like Hobbiton Movie Set. Volcanic Air can fly you to Hobbiton where you can enjoy a private guided tour of this magical place. Get in touch today to plan your personalised experience, click here.

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Hobbiton Movie Set