• Tailor Made Tours and Charters
Volcanic Air Safaris
    Tailor Made Tours and Charters
    A journey with Volcanic Air will embrace the culture and pride of this mysterious and stunning destination
  • Explore Mt Tarawera's Volcanic Trail of Destruction
Volcanic Air Safaris
    Explore Mt Tarawera's Volcanic Trail of Destruction
    Mt. Tarawera's lunar-like landscape and its 8 kilometre long crater rift is a source of wonder to both visitors and locals alike
  • Land on and Explore White Islands Active Crater Floor
Volcanic Air Safaris
    Land on and Explore White Islands Active Crater Floor
    Fly to and land on New Zealand’s only permanently active volcano White Island
  • White Island NZ's Most Active Volcano
Volcanic Air Safaris
    White Island NZ's Most Active Volcano
    This active island volcano constantly emits a cloud of steam and periodically erupts
  • White Island and Tarawera Volcanic Combo
Volcanic Air Safaris
    White Island and Tarawera Volcanic Combo
    Experience the thrill of combining our two signature helicopter tours landing on both Mount Tarawera and White Island. By Helicopter

Helicopter Advanced Training  

Volcanic Air can offer the following training.....

Type Ratings

Available on the AS350 helicopters with commercially experienced instructors.  Training is conducted out of Rotorua Airport and around the local area with exposure to commercial operating areas.

The type rating will cover all aspects of the helicopter, from the technical considerations of that particular helicopter through to its unique handling characteristics.

Turbine Rating

A turbine rating can be done at any stage once you hold a helicopter pilot’s licence. However prior to your first turbine rating, a Basic Gas Turbine theory exam credit must be obtained. Theory instruction for this can also be catered for with additional experience gained from learning alongside a commercial operation.

Practical flight training will be conducted in AS350 – the preferred helicopter type for almost all helicopter operations worldwide. Although there are some subtle differences between AS350 machines the type rating applies to them all.

Your instructor will start with the ground briefing and the technical data relating to the helicopter you will fly. As per initial training the flying will start with the basics of hovering and circuits then progress through to emergency procedures and confined areas to ensure that you have a completely comprehensive feel for the helicopter to be able to achieve the rating.

Night Ratings

PPL (H) Night course – 5hrs night and 2hrs instrument flying.

CPL (H) Night Course – 10 hours night (2hrs instrument) entitles the pilot to fly within 25nm of a lighted aerodrome at night.  2hrs of simulated instrument training by day must be completed prior, then 10hrs of night flying with a qualified instructor

The night course includes full ground briefings covering the differences at night, depth perception, increased use of instruments, the legal implications of night flying, and the necessity of accurate navigation techniques.

Bi-annual Flight Review (BFR)

Volcanic Air offers Bi-annual Flight Reviews (BFR) for commercial and private helicopter pilots.

These flight reviews are designed to keep you up to speed with the ever-changing aviation world and also give you the ever-important re-currency on all emergencies, which, unless you’re an instructor, you may not generally practice as a commercial pilot.

Note: Flight reviews can also be covered by adding a new aircraft type to your licence (endorsements) so instead of a standard BFR why not add a new aircraft type to you licence.

The flight review consists of a written and oral test and a flight review.   As flight reviews can be varied for each individual please contact:

Enquiries: info@volcanicair.co.nz

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