Mount Tarawera floatplane

Mt Tarawera/Waimangu Volcanic Valley

Mount Tarawera | Waimangu Thermal Valley

At 3,680 feet (or 1,111 meters) in elevation, Mount Tarawera dominates the surrounding landscape. The majestic volcano plays centerpiece to the stunning lakes and geothermal reserves that surround it.


Departing our Rotorua Lakefront pier, experience the thrill of a floatplane take off before climbing above Mokoia Island on track to the volcanic peaks of Mount Tarawera. Above Tarawera, views of cavernous craters reveal the power of what was the largest eruption in New Zealand’s living memory. Also included in the flight is our stunning lakes district and aerial views of the colourful Waimangu Volcanic Valley. Returning to Rotorua, our descent takes us past the Whakarewarewa Thermal Reserve and over the city, before landing on Lake Rotorua.

Mt Tarawera/Orakei Korako Landing and Walk

Mount Tarawera | Orakei Korako

Experience aerial views of Mount Tarawera and vibrant geothermal parks, before landing on the mighty Waikato River to explore the hidden thermal valley of Orakei Korako.


The first highlight of this flight is the majestic Mount Tarawera, which plays centerpiece to the stunning lakes which surround it. Moving south, Waimangu Volcanic Valley and Wai-O-Tapu thermal reserves are both spectacular from above. They provide a tapestry of vibrant colours throughout their geothermal landscapes, crater lakes, and hot pools. From here, we follow the Waikato River to the hidden valley of Orakei Korako. While landing on the river is a thrill in its own right, you’ll then embark on a fascinating land-based tour. You’ll discover hot springs, gushing geysers, and the natural beauty of this geothermal wonderland right up close!

Orakei Korako floatplane
Rotorua crater lakes

Aerial Views of 6 Stunning Crater Lakes

Beyond the crater rim

These stunning crater lakes are surrounded by native forests and pastoral lands, hidden from the city by our volcanic terrain. Only an aerial perspective from one of our Rotorua scenic flights can reveal the true beauty of this region.


Departing from our Lakefront pier, experience the thrill of a floatplane take off before climbing above Mokoia Island on track to our hidden lakes district. Climbing over the eastern ridgeline, our terrain reveals the lakes of Okataina, Tarawera, Okareka, Rotokakahi, and Tikitapu. After exploring the lakes district from our unique vantage point, our descent will then take us across the Rotorua city before landing back at Lake Rotorua.

Mt Tarawera 4WD Combo

Mount Tarawera Walking Tour

Combine one of our most popular Rotorua scenic flights with a 4WD & Hiking tour by Kaitiaki Adventures. You’ll marvel at Mount Tarawera from the air, before exploring the majestic mountain up close.


Your journey begins with an off road 4WD experience through native New Zealand bush, transporting you to the craters edge. After a 1.5-2 hour hike and a scree run down into the crater, your guide will drop you at the remote shores of Lake Rerewhakaaitu. From here, you will return to Rotorua by floatplane. Your flight will include spectacular aerial overviews of Mount Tarawera, the vibrant Waimangu Volcanic Valley and our hidden lakes district. This stunning scenic flight completes the experience and returns you to our downtown floatplane pier on the shores of Lake Rotorua.

Mount Tarawera
floatplane experience

Great First Flight Experience

Take-off & land on water

Experience the romance of landing and taking off in a floatplane with panoramic views of Rotorua from above. Great for a first time experience of flight.

White Island/Mt Tarawera Flyover

White Island | Mount Tarawera

Fly over New Zealand’s only permanently active offshore volcano, White Island, and take in amazing aerial views of the island’s crater lake and ever-changing volcanic activity. Continue across the Pacific Ocean and further inland to the site of the latest eruption in our living memory, Mount Tarawera.

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Join us to view Rotorua beyond the crater rim. Enjoy spectacular views of our hidden lakes district, distant volcanoes and local geothermal activity. In this captivating overview of this stunning area and continue your experience on your floatplane scenic flight towards lake Rotoiti



Fly over the site of the largest eruption in New Zealand’s living memory, Mount Tarawera, and gain an appreciation of how the 1886 eruption changed this stunning landscape. From Mount Tarawera to the Waimangu Volcanic Valley, view the eruption trail and surrounding Lakes district whilst enjoying informed commentary from your experienced local pilot/guide, continuing your experience on your floatplane scenic flight, fly towards lake Rotoiti.

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