Volcanic Air operates a carefully curated fleet to meet the unique needs of our company. We have been operating in this region for over 30 years and are a Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) certified operator. Our fleet maintenance schedules comply with New Zealand Civil Aviation safety standards and our maintenance is carried out by Hamilton Aero Maintenance.  All of our aircraft are equipped with real time satellite tracking systems.


For helicopters (Waka Topatopa), we have selected two Eurocopter AS350 B2s and one Eurocopter AS350 B3 which are based at our hangar. Mostly referred to as Squirrels, these machines are renowned for their versatility and for providing luxury passenger services with spacious, unparalleled viewing. Each helicopter can seat 5-6 passengers pending individual weights. The seat in the front can be switched out for 1 or 2 passengers, and the bench seat in the back is raised to provide a clear view out of the front windows. In those instances when the helicopter is full, we will make sure to swap those passengers in the middle with those on the outside after a landing so everyone can enjoy a window seat. Leather seats, noise reducing headsets, modern avionics systems and an extensive safety system means you will be flying in comfort and arriving at your destination safely.

VOLCANIC 05, 06 + 07

Eurocopter AS350, B2 & B3 Squirrel


6 Passengers + Pilot


120 knots (222kph)


Arriel 1B


Take-off 546hp


1 small rear luggage compartment and 2 large side luggage compartments.

A removable cargo pod can also be installed for extra luggage capacity.

Due to large variations in luggage requirements Volcanic Air require prior notifications of luggage volumes before acceptance of charter bookings.

As a guide: four passengers plus business class baggage allowances typically work for most airport or inter lodge transfers.

For our floatplanes (Mānu Wakarere), we have selected a de Havilland Otter DHC-3 and a Cessna C-206 which are based at our lakefront office.

The Otter is renowned as one of the best floatplanes ever built, designed as a ‘1 ton truck with wings’ it has an incredible loading capacity, along with short take-off and landing distances. The plane has also been modified with much larger passenger windows for better scenic views.

Our Cessna C-206 is also perfect for scenic flights, comfortably fitting 4 adults (or 5 passengers, pending on individual weights). With its size and versatility, it is perfect for lodge and beach pick-ups.

Both planes boast leather seats, noise reducing headsets, and everyone is guaranteed a window seat!


Volcanic 01

De havilland otter dhc-3


10 Passengers + Pilot


87 knots (100mph)


Pratt & Whitney R-1340-S1H1-G Wasp radial


600 hp

Volcanic 03

cessna 206g


5 Passengers + Pilot


115 knots (213kph)


Continental IO- 520-F