Volcanic Air Reviews

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“Took a flight with Volcanic Air on our recent trip to New Zealand. Fantastic experience, it was amazing to see the lake from the air, fly over the volcanoes and see the big fissures and other amazing geological phenomena. We even spotted a whole circle rainbow. The ground staff were very friendly, patiently explained all the options and made sure we could fly within an hour. The pilot was superb and kept everyone happy. A brilliant experience.”



Google, 2019



“Our family recently did the scenic floatplane flight taking in the spectacular volcanic landscape. From the very first contact the service was excellent. The office staff were incredibly helpful, friendly and informative. The pilot Steve was a highly skilled pilot and a genuinely nice man. He was highly informative, encouraged questions and was very concerned that we had the optimal experience. The views were absolutely spectacular from the large windows and Steve banked back and forwards across the crater of Mt Tawarewa to ensure everyone captured its magnificence. Worth every cent, thank you to Steve and staff for an unforgettable flight.”



TripAdvisor, January 2020



“Highly recommend the Mt Tarawera Landing. The journey to Mt Tarawera takes you on a scenic flight over the Lakes District and right over the craters to a landing point where you will disembark to take a short walk up to the summit all the while your pilot will provide a very interesting commentary. Highly recommended.”



Google, 2017



“It is simply breathtaking to take to the air in a floatplane, skim across the water and rise into the blue skies. To have a bird’s eye view of the beautiful area gives you a whole new perspective. Informed information is passed over with humour and a relaxed approach. Not the cheapest activity, but my goodness once you are up there you realise it was well worth it!”



TripAdvisor, February 2019



“Completely brilliant. Our pilot Stephen was perfect, friendly, funny, and engaging. He went above and beyond to make the kids feel safe and involved and even took time after the flight to show them around the cockpit and answer their questions. Thanks again Stephen for giving us an experience we’ll never forget. You rock!”



TripAdvisor, July 2019



“I plucked up the courage to take this tour earlier today and it was simply incredible. Knowledgeable and friendly pilot whose commentary was really interesting, and the views were simply breathtaking. This trip is a must and worth every cent!”



TripAdvisor, April 2019



“My wife and I and our friend had a floatplane come to the lakeside pier of our hotel. We flew to Orakei Korako via Mt. Tarawera. None of us had ever flown in a floatplane before, but we all felt completely safe and comfortable during the entire visit. Fantastic views of extraordinary geothermal areas, and the landing on the river at Orakei Korako was spectacular.”



TripAdvisor, March 2019



“Best experience, great views and awesome pilot with a good narrative of the scenic surroundings.”



Google, 2019



“Me and my partner went on the floatplane named Otter. It was our first time ever in a plane, we had never been in any kind of aircraft! I am super glad that our first plane ride was with Volcanic Air!! We got to see our beautiful home from the sky, it was an awesome, beautiful and exciting experience! Would definitely go again, the staff were lovely and our guide Steve was wonderful to! Thank you guys!!”



TripAdvisor, December 2018