Five ways to kick off your retirement in style in Rotorua!

Aerial view of waimangu volcanic valley

Five ways to kick off your retirement in style in Rotorua!

As the saying goes, “retirement is not the end of the road, it is the beginning of the open highway”. Enjoy this newfound freedom and immerse yourself in the wonders of Rotorua without the pressure of time. Whether travelling with your partner, a group of friends, or solo – we’ve accumulated a list of top five activities to quench your thirst for adventure, knowledge and relaxation.  

Rejuvenate and refresh as you wash away decades of hard work

Treat yourself to a revitalising spa and therapy package at Polynesian Spa – the iconic spa that’s soon to celebrate their 50th anniversary. Relieve those aches and pains through the healing properties of the acidic and alkaline mineral hot pools, nourishing your skin and refreshing both body and mind.   

Their selection of massage treatments and therapies are also just the ticket to unwind and restore your balance. Opt for a Swedish Massage, Aix Mud Wrap or Aromatherapy Massage to truly work out those knots and recuperate from any physical and emotional stress you might be feeling. You’ll emerge feeling relaxed and many years younger!  

Woman sitting in thermal rock pool

Soak your body and soul in the ancient geothermal hot pools Rotorua is famous for.

Take to the skies 

After resetting your body, now it’s time to broaden your horizons and gain a new perspective from above. Witness Rotorua’s spectacular sights on a thrilling helicopter or floatplane tour with Volcanic Air. These trips combine aerial views of crater lakes and waterfalls with the thrill of landing on remote volcanic landscapes. 

Departing from their lakefront pier, discover the renowned Tarawera Falls and the vibrant Waimangu and Wai-O-Tapu geothermal reserves. Add-on a landing in Orakei Korako and see hot springs, gushing geysers and dazzling geothermal wonders before your own eyes. The natural beauty of Aotearoa will never cease to amaze! 

Aerial view of waimangu volcanic valley

See your big backyard like never before, with a bird’s eye view of Rotorua’s colourful geothermal landscapes.

Connect with nature and history 

Make a splash and discover the stories of Rotorua, past and present, with Rotorua Duck Tours. Their eye-opening experience takes you from land to lake through three distinctive lakes – Tikitapu, Ōkāreka and Tarawera. Journey through stunning natural landscapes and historically significant sites, including the location of New Zealand’s largest-ever volcanic eruption. 

Appreciate the uniqueness of the area as you disembark the Duck at Lake Tarawera and view Māori drawings and native bush up close. See the sacred Rotokākahi (Green Lake) and hear the local legends from your knowledgeable guide – the Duck is a truly magnificent way to uncover an entirely new side of Rotorua.   

Rotorua duck tours amphibious vehicles on the lake

Splashdown in the iconic WWII Duck for a journey of captivating stories and scenery.

Kick into cruise mode – and discover nature with ease 

Hire an e-bike and soak up the sights of Rotorua without even breaking a sweat! Grab your helmet, stock up on some local snacks and pedal through the giant redwoods of the Whakarewarewa Forest, or along the ‘Te Ara Ahi’ Great Ride that connects several unique geothermal valleys together. Choose your own adventure to suit your skill level – from cycling up majestic mountains to coasting along long lakeside stretches, you’re spoiled for choice when it comes to two-wheeled fun. The Redwoods Mountain Bike Park also has many easy yet picturesque trails to enjoy.  

Zip through the ancient forest and along stunning trails with the comfort and ease of an e-bike. 

Enjoy the finer things in life 

Just like you, fine wine just gets better with age, so reminisce over the highlights of the past few decades over a wine tasting experience at Volcanic Hills. Located atop the Rotorua Skyline, your experience starts off with the iconic gondola ride overlooking Rotorua. Taste your way through the selection of wines on offer, and you might even find your new favourite drop!  

A winery with a platter and three glasses of wine

Treat your tastebuds with a wine selection and gourmet platter from Volcanic Hills winery.

Your retirement is your golden ticket to an exciting new chapter in life – there’s so many sights and stories just waiting to be explored. Take the time to journey along the scenic route and enjoy the small treats life offers. If you’ve been telling yourself you’ll tick off your bucket list ‘one day’, then today is thatsomeday’ you’ve been waiting for! Satisfy your curiosities, open your mind, and get set for an enlightening experience in Rotorua.